About Take the Interview (TTI)

TTI is a cloud and mobile technology platform designed to solve the challenges of the interviewing process. The software platform automates, streamlines and standardizes the hiring process and provides analytics for advanced decision making so that organizations can hire better candidates faster. TTI works with major global enterprises such as NBCUniversal, Bell Canada, Time, Inc., Zappos, Amtrak, Virgin America and R/GA.    

We Live Our Culture

We work hard but don't take ourselves too seriously. Here are a few things we stand for:

We're obsessed with finding
a better way

We strive to build a better company -- which means improving our performance and our team's performance by becoming a better version of ourselves. We believe there is nothing as satisfying as the pursuit of excellence.

#excellence #innovation

We believe in order to go far,
we must go together

Our success, both personal and professional, depends on the shared values of humility, courage, curiosity, generosity and fair play. Helping others succeed, not just succeeding as an individual, helps us build a masterpiece.

#integrity #collaboration

Public share is our
default setting

We are open, collaborative, and inclusive. In order to write a best-seller, we must all be on the same page.

#transparency #collaboration

Work @ Take The Interview
We think that work should be part of a fun and sustainable lifestyle. Get work done with additional amenities:

Continuing Education

We have established an advisory team of more than 100 professionals in a myriad of industries. Attend our monthly "lunch & learns" for an opportunity to learn more.

Employee Perk Program

We provide employee perks and discounts to hundreds of services: gym memberships, movie tickets, pet supplies, you name it.

Flexible Vacation and WFH ("work-from-home")

Working here may feel like an oasis, but when you're ready for some serious time off, take as much as you need.