The Ultimate Digital Interviewing Solution

We offer an all-in-one enterprise solution that begins with widening the top of your candidate funnel, engaging candidates as soon as they become applicants and reducing time spent screening and making hiring decisions. We enable you to strengthen your candidate experience and your opportunity to make the hires you desire.

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Time Inc.
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Interviewing: Drive results with better interviewing platforms

Screen and communicate with candidates using advanced video technology. TTI provides your recruiting team a holistic view of your candidates.
When evaluating candidates, they will have access to a multitude of tools and communication mediums to screen and evaluate them.

Drive Better<br>Decisions
Rewind Real-Time<br>Conversations
Collaborate with<br>Hiring Managers
Engage Candidates <br> with Your Culture

Process: Better workflow drives process efficiency

Drive process improvements and expedite your time-to-hire. Take the Interview simplifies your recruiting team's workflow with smarter scheduling tools, improved organization and streamlined platforms for interviewing candidates everyday.

Consolidate<br>Candidate Information

Feedback: Early Engagement. Interview Success

Increase collaboration and obtain feedback from hiring managers. In Take the Interview, your team can capture notes,
assessments and ratings to collaborate more effectively internally—all in one system.

Real-Time Notes<br> During a Real-Time Interview
Deliver<br>Live Feedback
Improve<br>Candidate Experience

Analytics: Actionable Insight from Robust Recruiting Data

Dig deeper to obtain actionable insight from your interview process. Measure your team’s performance and deliver reports with the right type of data. Data that is understandable.

Ready to Learn How You Can Hire Better Talent Faster?